Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Here!!!!

Hey Casper, Wyoming, and anyone else paying any attention. :)

Registration is open for the 2014 Fat Fish Racing summer series!

We are stoked and have another fantastic season lined up for you. Once again our sponsors have come through with much generosity and support and we encourage you to support them by patronizing their business's and also giving them a verbal thanks for all that they do for Fat Fish Racing.

We will once again be using Webscorer this year and hope that it proves beneficial for you as well as us. Some things to note are that for Series registration this year, you must sign up for all 7 races. We know that some may not be able to make all 7 and that's ok. We can adjust very easily for that and it won't be a problem. You will pay a $20 fee for the first race and the next 6 after that will be free. "SERIES" registration will be open until just before the first race. After that closes you will be able to register for each race individually for $5 a race. After filling in your info for the first race, Webscorer will populate all of your info for the next races. Just keep hitting the "proceed to next race" button until it confirms all of your registrations. All racers under the age of 18 will race for free just as in years past. When choosing categories please keep in mind that distances will be such that race times expected are: A class will be between 1-1.5 hours, B class between 45 minutes to an hour, and c class around 30 min. We encourage you to choose wisely and stick to the category you fit best, but also to challenge yourself and move up a category as you get better.

When registering for the races(series or individual) you will have an option to enter a team name. A team will consist of  1 rider from each  category(A, B men, B women, and C) being scored. Each persons individual score from the race will be added up for a team score. When registering your team, each individual will need to enter the exact same team name. Be creative have fun with it and please remember we do have kids  at our races. Please keep names "kid appropriate".

This year for a little extra cash you may purchase a FFR moisture wicking  t-shirt. If you register for the series you qualify for 1 shirt @ $12. You may purchase additional shirts also. 1 for $15, 2 for $26, and 3 for $36. We are hoping to have these to you by the 2nd race of the series.  Please make sure you let us know the sizes that you would like.( 1- Mens M, 2- Womens S, etc).

As a last incentive to register for the series before race day, we are offering all pre-registered riders a FREE pair of custom Fat Fish Racing mountain bike socks!  They are awesome and custom made by a brand all cyclists know, Sock Guy.  

Payment- Webscorer will tally up your grand total and you will have 2 payment options.   You may pay with a credit card through PayPal or if you are uncomfortable with that you may select the "alternative payment method" and send a check to:

                                                            Fat Fish Racing 
                                                            4474 Antelope Dr.
                                                            Bar Nunn, Wy. 82601.

When we receive your check we will  confirm your registration and you will be ready to race.

Keep looking at the blog and Facebook as we will have dates and places set up for you to get your new bib #'s. Have you seen the picture of them? They are fantastic!!

We hope you are as excited to ride and race this year as we are. The weather should just keep getting nicer as we inch our way toward spring. Hopefully everyone is starting to get out and enjoy the spring air on their bikes and get some good rides in.

Here is your link to register:


Good Luck and Have Fun!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Online registration for the Fat Fish Racing mountain bike series opens next week!!

New this year is TEAM RACING!!

A team can be as big as you want, but your fastest overall A rider, fastest B man, fastest B women and fastest C rider will get their points combined to give you an overall team score.  It would be good to have a few extra folks on your team in case someone can't make it to every race.

Gather your buddies at work, gather your friends, gather your family and create a team for some playful competition throughout the season.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gravel? I think so!

Call it a ride or a race or a tour.  Call it whatever you want.  For me, it is going to be great training for the upcoming race season.  Pack on the big miles to get fast and build up your endurance.  There will be just a few prizes to be given away which we've received from  

Rides start at 8am on the dates indicated on the flyer.  The milage on the flyer are the "short" distances and the "long" distances are double.  For rides 1 and 2, just do the course twice.  For race #3, we have a completely different 120 mile loop around the Rattlesnake mtn range just west of casper.

SELF SUPPORTED!!  This ride is all on your own or you and you buddies if you want to use it as a group ride.  All we are providing is a route.  There area a few minimum requirements to ride however....  
-2 spare tubes
-Tire pump (pumps are preferred over many Co2 cartriges in case you want to adjust tire pressures during the ride)
-Tire levers
-Chain tool (know how to use it!)
-2 quick links for  your chain
-items to fix a huge cut in the sidewalls of your tires (Just in case)
-At least 70 ounces of water (more for "long" distance riders

Course descriptions:

#1- This 35 mile loop has a mix of pavement and gravel that starts at Crossroads Park (by the baseball fields where the Cutthroats play).  Here is a link to the map
The map is downloadable, exportable to your own GPS, and you can even print out the route with turn by turn help.   The long distance dudes will do 2 laps.

#2- The 48 mile out and back is going to be amazing!!  Great terrain and a very cool hill climb.  Nearly all gravel.  Here is a link to the course  
The long course riders will do this course twice minus going into town for the second time around.  Starting point is the pizza cafe in downtown Glenrock.  

#3- The 63 mile out and back is a historic route.  The Old Oregon Trail Road.      The "short" distance takes you from poison spider school southwest to highway 220.  Its a beautifully quiet ride and you'll be lucky to even see one vehicle the whole day sharing the road with you.  The same goes for the 120 mile Rattlesnake Rally route.  Also starting from poison spider school this route goes straight west to the old site of Ervay (somehow it is still on a WY map).  15 miles of this course are on pavement while the rest is on gravel.  The road conditions vary from fast hardpack, to rough and rutted.  Be prepared.  NO AID AT ALL on the whole 120 mile route.   Course can be found here

Race 1 registration:
Race 2 registration
Race 3 registration:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If you're not into the gravel road riding on April 5th, support Southridge Elementary School by having some running fun with the whole family!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh man.... 2014 is going to be an amazing year.  We are so excited for the rides and races in Casper and throughout Wyoming.   It is about time we share our schedule :)

The Mountain Bike series will again consist of 7 races with your top 5 finishes being combined for your final results of the year.  The dates for the 7 races with locations (pending approval) are:

May 19th Squaw Creek
June 9th Bessemer Mountain hill climb
June 23rd Casper Mountain
July 7th Muddy Mountain
July 21st TBD
August 4th Mountain Sports Loop with Hogadon
August 18th Casper Mountain

These dates are set even if the locations flop, we will still be hosting a race on these dates..... We may be doing hot laps in Leif's back yard, but the races will go on :)

Some other events that Fat Fish Racing will be a part of are the May 17th CAMBYR Trails Festival which will take place in town and consist of trail running and mountain biking in the same day.  A totally new event that already has the hair on our backs standing on end is the Glendo Trails Festival which is the weekend of June 21/22.  Group rides, races, games, food, drink, music, pump track, camping... Glendo has it all!!!  huh, I wonder if we can fit in a fly-fishing competition for Bass and Musky while we're there?? ;)

Happy Riding!!


Fat Fish Racing aims to provide fun and sustainable events to the Casper area now, and for generations to come and to promote physical health and well-being by encouraging people of all abilities to ride, tour and race bikes.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

CX results are up!!

What a fun day yesterday at Washington Park! Results are up. Thanks for being patient with us(me) as we have fought some issues in our posting of results. Anyhow they are up with a few minor technicalities. In order for the finish order to be correct I had to manually plug in some fake finish times for those that finished a lap or two down. It sucks I know! However if I can come up with a better fix I will change it. For the time being, If you look at lap times, it will show your true finish time as of your last lap. Remember that anything in "green" on webscorer  can be clicked on and viewed. There's a lot there and if you're as nerdy as me will spend hours seeing how badly you've been creamed :) It was sure fun to have so many people cheering and so many people who traveled from around the state for the festivities. No more delaying!! Here are your results!


Thats a wrap!

The year of racing for the Fat Fish has come to an end.  Like most of you, we will spend the next months taking it easy, playing the snow a bit and spending time with family.  Though we are over 6 months away from our next organized race, we have already started the planning.  Great brainstorming sessions have been had through email, over the phone and in person.

Lets take a second to remember some of this years amazing events......  Remember the first short track race when we tried to use our online timing equipment for the first time?  What a slow race that was.  Glad is was just practice.  Remember the wind?  Remember the hill climb when the weather was so perfect, it was like we were living our cycling dream ride?  The view from that peak was beautiful and worth every drop of sweat.  Remember the amazing single track of Casper Mountain?  Muddy Mountain and the way you could lean your bike into those smooth turns??  What about Creek Crossings!!!

It was a great year!!

Thank you to all our sponsors this year.  It is the push we receive from you guys that drives us to continue moving forward.  We need the help from you and your business and couldn't manage to run the series without your help!!  From the bottom of our hearts, we say Thank You.

Each year Fat Fish Racing has brought something new to racing in Casper.  Thanks to all of the feedback we have received throughout the year, we want to pick up the 2014 season right where we left off.  Fat Fish Racing hopes to have the continued support from the community (racers and sponsors) to host another 7 race mountain bike series starting Monday, May 19th.  Timing will be nearly the same as last year with some minor additions that you will enjoy to help speed up registration.  Check-in will be quicker in 2014!!  The idea of team racing has been thrown across the table multiple times now with many raised eyebrows :)  New venues??  Maybe.  One of the favorites by many racers this year was Mosteller's Ranch.  Due to the devastation caused by the flooding this summer, we might not get to race there again.  "A", hill climb is a must!!  Should we do the Bessemer HC again?  With the amazing relationship we have made over the years with the City Of Casper, we hope to get back on Hogadon to add some miles to one of our favorite Casper Mountain races.

Ok, so we are doing 7 races again..... big whoop.  What else??

In 2014 Fat Fish Racing will strive to offer at least a bi-weekly group ride for the public (May-Aug).  Could be fast, slow, could be night, women's, families.  We want to offer a few skills clinics for the public (A few of us were involved with some CAMBYR skills clinics and really enjoyed it).  Skills before the season begins!!  Weekend races.  Fat Fish will be joining up with CAMBYR in the 2nd ever Trails Festival held in Casper on Saturday May 17th.  Fat Fish has many other ideas for weekend races in the summer but one that could be really successful is an event at Glendo ;)  Keep in mind that the last is just an idea still.

One final note.  Fat Fish Racing LOVES to race and host racing.  We love to do it for free or as cheap as possible.  We also want to continue to provide all of this for free or cheap as long as we can.  Our sponsors allow all of this to happen!!  Without them, we would eventually fizzle up and fade away.  I ask that for the rest of the year, if you can, thank the Fat Fish Racing sponsors.  If you enjoyed the series, tell them!!  Show them we care by spending a couple dollars at their business.  I know they will appreciate it and they will turn around and show us their appreciation by supporting the series year after year.

Please support those that make this all possible!  Thank you.

~Adam and the Fat Fish Racing Team

Friday, November 22, 2013

final details

We are collecting Grocery items for Joshua's Storehouse tomorrow.  Bring something for the kids of Natrona County for the holiday's.  Cash will also be collected for donations.  Please help us support a fantastic cause for people who need the help.  

Races will be on time.
Register online tonight if you are coming.
Awards 3 deep for all age groups.
There is one porto-potty between the tennis courts and baseball field
****Be careful of the very very very slick road!!!!

 Lets have some fun and get a little muddy :)

Enjoy these pic's of the course
Above: This nasty bit is a hill that all categories get to enjoy :)
Below: The view from the top of Puke Hill.  This hill is only for the A category.

 Above: The northern most point in the course.  A fun little technical section that has a great view of the city to the West.  Would make for a some cool photos!
Below: The lone porto-potty on the opposite side of the road of the course.  BEWARE of ice!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

REGISTER HERE  to race in the "unofficial" Wyoming State Cyclocross Championships!!!  It's free as long as you bring a food or cash donation to support Joshua's Storehouse in Casper.  See you there!

What amazing weather we are going to have for the first ever State Championships of cyclocross!  A light layer of snow with temps at 40 degrees and no wind.... It doesn't get any better than that for November 23rd.   C categories start at 12noon. Bring your favorite beverage and a cowbell while you cheer on your favorite racers.  See you all Saturday!  Course map will be on Facebook Thursday evening.

Friday, November 8, 2013

This is the end!!

End of the 2013 CX season that is. We have dubbed this as the "unofficial" Wyoming State CX Championships. We'd love to see people from Casper and from around the state piling out of their vans, buses, or pinto's  with smiling faces and ready to have fun!  This race will have all of the normal CX festivities, complete with barriers, obstacles, hand ups, and whatever else we can dream up to make it fun. The snow may or may not be there, but no matter what we will be racing! There will be three categories for all abilities. Don't have a CX bike? No worries...Bring what you got. Maybe there will be another 18" of snow like the first and you will want to ride your new fat bike:) That's ok also. New to this race will be age categories with prizes for the top guys and gals in each of those age brackets. We are stoked(we must be mountain bikers) for this race and can't wait to see you all there. We will be registering for this race on right here to the right. Registration will open on Sunday the 10th at Midnight. No need to beet down the door though as we won't cap off racers or turn anyone down from racing. See you there!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

On Monday, November 11th the Fat Fish will be making a cold weather gear order.  We will only be ordering three items.  Thermal Jackets, Thermal Vests and Knee Warmers.  Jackets are $90, Vests are $46 and Knee warmers are $25.  The tops are fleece lined, wind proof and semi waterproof.  The knee warmers are nothing fancy, just another layer over the skin really.  See below photo of the two gentlemen on the right.  John and Clint are both wearing the long sleeved team gear.  The arms say "Casper" on one arm and "Wyoming" on the other arm.  All of the 2013 sponsors are included!!

Email your size and "cut" that you desire.  Race cut is tight, Sport cut has a little more space in the gut and Club cut is bigger all around.  Since I want to have the option of another layer underneath, I am ordering an XL Club Cut Thermal Jersey (Adam).   Email the Fish at

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Cross was a big hit!!  Our largest turnout of racers yet at a cyclocross race in Casper.  There were a lot of people who came out to watch too.  I think they were wishing they had their bikes with them.  It was a close race in all the categories.

Lori almost had a come from behind win after a flat, but Cliff was able to maintain a solid rhythm and hold on to the win in the C class.
It was Justin in the B class that hammered his single speed to victory ahead of a strong Lance, Jeramiah and Clint.  The B field was huge with lots of talent.  Airica won it for the ladies with Melissa and Andrea not far behind.  Big shout out to the rest of the ladies who raced really hard.  That was a big ladies field!!
In the A class, some classy dudes from Sheridan and Gillette represented their cities well with a couple top finishes.  Adam took the win by a measly 6 seconds ahead of Dave from Sheridan.  The blazing fast 16 year old, Eric, nabbed 3rd place from Paul in the final couple laps.  Erik, on his 5 inch travel mountain bike, took 5th and was the fastest guy not on a cyclocross bike that day.

Way to go racers!!  Next race will be the season finale for the CX series.  It will be at Washington Park.

Check out this link for photos from the race  SPOOKY CROSS PHOTOS

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spooky Cross perfect weather and more

This weekend is going to be amazing for Cyclocross!!  With temps in the low 60's and nearly zero wind, the course is going to be fun and fast.  Look for a preview video late wednesday night on  Just search for Adam Leiferman and you'll see some video's there.  Prizes for random drawn winners are rolling in.  The Reef Fly Shop donated dozens of amazing streamers that are rocking the brown trout on the North Platte River right now as well as some other sweet shwagg.   Gear Up donated some amazing fitness clothing and accessories and I just know that we will be getting more as the day gets closer.   Expect a lot more racers this time around as the weather is going to be perfect.  We've never had a race that hasn't been in snow, so I think the "fair weather" racers will be out to give CX a try.  Good Luck!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

A safer city to ride

We need cyclists at the City Council work session 10/22, 4:30pm, Casper City Hall, 200 North David Street.
Our voices are needed to balance against the folks that don't ride bike who think that the streets are safe already.  We all know that the streets are not safe enough!

We need letters written to City Council members.  Here is where you can find your city council person and their contact info:

You can learn about the plan and get contact info to make comments to the City of Casper Projects Planning Analyst, Dave Hough here also:

That's what you can do!

You can leave comments here NOW: